didier hess chop


To our many clients, partners, colleagues and friends,

We, Jenna Didier and Oliver Hess, wish to announce that Didier Hess will be dissolved as a formal studio partnership once current client contracts are completed. As Didier Hess, we have worked together diligently and delightfully since 2006 to develop unique public design events for a host of clients and social contexts across the United States. The Didier Hess brand grew out of a deep collaborative sharing of vision, skill and dedication to the professional advancement of thoughtful public design. We honor our time spent in partnership as a time of cross influence and inspiration. We will continue to support each otherís independent vision and practice's, and look forward to future opportunities as colleagues in the field.

We invite your continued interest and patronage in each of us as we embark on our independent paths. Jenna will continue to focus on water, community engagement, and enhancing vibrancy and Oliver will continue his focus on exploratory design, social fabrication and public art. You can follow Oliver at choubun.com, and Jenna at jennadidier.com.

Thank you for your past support of Didier Hess.